Sunday, 11 August 2013

Goodbye Celeste

Testament to Celeste and all she's done for Orwell women's cycling, about 40 women turned up this morning for a one off 'goodbye Celeste' Orwell 100k.
Women from the beginners group, 'it's not a race' section and even some of the girls from 'it is actually a race' turned up.

The route was hilly, you can't get to the Sally gap without climbing hills. The worst was Calary hill (the long hill), going towards Calary.
My 2nd time climbing this hill, my second time having to stop midway. 
I mistakenly thought I was near the top and started to push myself with energy to spare, I was great, this way easier than I remembered, but I wasn't even half way up.
My breathing went, my temperature was way up and I was dizzy, the layby beckoned me in and I sat on a rock watching the girls I had just ovrtaken slowly and calmly sail on up and by without stopping.

Despite this set back, this route was way easier than cycling to the Sally gap via Blessington, you miss out the big R759 incline up to the summit.
It was a good route, I enjoyed it.
I spent a lot of the day cycling with the girls from the beginner group, not sure when we'd realistically all be cycling together again.
It made for a slow but social cycle, I usually don't like cycling slowly, I get frustrated and feel that chatting should be left for coffee stops, but today was different. 
I also cycled with Celeste when I got a chance, it would definitely be a while til I cycled with her again.
I have no photos from the cycle, but some of the girls put some great photos on fb, cool to have  so many women cyclists taking over the hippy cafe in Laragh.

One of the Siobhan's (there were 3 on the cycle) had brought Celeste a present back from Switzerland - a cow bell, which Celsete wore for the rest of the cycle.
We instructed her to tell her new American cycling crew that all women in Orwell wore cowbells, each with their own unique tone, a way of knowing who's around without looking.

Oh gee, those Irish sure are funny.

She'll be missed when she's gone, her new cycling club is very lucky to have her.
A great one for organising and pulling people together.

I've only been with the club since Summer but the amount of work Celeste's put into encouraging beginner women to start cycling is obvious.
I for one am very grateful, the beginner 6 week group was a stepping stone myself and 30 other women needed.
Thanks Celeste.