Monday, 12 August 2013

Nangor Rd with a headwind

Took a little 30k spin out after work this evening, didn't realise how windy it was until I headed up Longmile Rd.
Nangor Rd was awful, shame because I really felt like sprinting along, had to make do with pootling.
Quite impressed that I had energy for anything after the 100k on Saturday, it's a nice feeling to feel like you're getting fitter.

Here's some pics from Lucan.

That illy sign is a good coffee shop to park your bike and get a coffee, I think it's just called the Tea shop

Stagg Cycles, Lucan. I bought some arm warmers passing by here in March, they were too big and fell down to my wrists all along Strawberry beds, I took them back having lost the receipt and he gave me a refund no problem. Lucan cycling club start all their spins from here I think.

River Liffey heading into Dublin from Wicklow.

Top of Barnhill which I raced up tonight trying to practice my hillskillz. When I've got to the top before there's just been a big gap to this field, now there's containers. 'They're potatoes in those containers' I thought, so I stopped and took a look.

Potatoe, bike, field, Monday evening sunshine.