Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Boston Spa/ Tadcaster

When my parents moved to Yorkshire 37 years ago, they moved to Boston Spa.
I went to playschool and infants there until we moved to Harrogate. I hadn't been to Boston Spa for years and years until today. 
It was strange rolling into the village, as always with childhood memories it was a lot smaller than I remembered - but exactly the same.
The main street was a lot busier, there were a lot more shops, I think there was only a newsagents when we were there.
But maybe that was the only place of importance - it sold sweets.

I saw our old house, playschool, I cycled round to see my old primary school - which seemed tiny! then cycled out towards Tadcaster, which I didn't realise was so close.
Had a little explore around there, then back to Boston Spa for cuppa and teacake, a lovely cycle done and back home for midday.

Harewood Hill - hello sheeps

Left for Boston Spa, right for Harewood House estate. On the way back I took a little trip up the road leading to Harewood estate.

Straight on for Boston Spa

The main street in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire. Used to walk from Church St (pictured) to the left of the photo to the shop for sweets.

Our old house, where I learnt to ride a bike without stabilisers.

My old playschool
I forgot all about this house until I saw it again - as a 5 year old I could never look at this house when passing, it scared me too much. It was haunted, bad/ evil people lived there (they didn't but in my head they did) and they'd be peering out of bottom corners of windows at night time. It was full of darkness and tormented spirits. 37 years on - it doesn't look much better, and it's opposite a church.

North Yorkshire is the biggest county in England I'll have you know.

Tadcaster tourist information

Tadcaster stone ('scuse the feet)

John Smiths Brewery Tadcaster. This building was beautiful, had a good ol cycle round.

John Smith originally started brewing for the mill workers around Tadcaster.

River Wharfe going through Tadcaster before it meets the Ouse near York.

Scarborough Fair? You want the 843 for that.
Can't remember the name of the place - good place to stop though with outdoor seating, Boston Spa. It was Irish butter fyi.

Little drinkipoos for the bike

Almscliffe Crag in the distance, where I was last week.