Sunday, 22 September 2013


Perversely great cycle out to Bray after work tonight.
Heavy rainfall from start to finish, but the mood and energy was there for a long cycle.
Great when you do exactly what you want to do.

Within 5 minutes from work I hit the coast road, I say I hit, it hit me over and over, it's in such an awful state.
But the misty coastline was something else, and I was distracted from being angry at all the potholes to being mildly irritated.
Down along Seapoint Ave entering Dun Laoghaire and the grey, misty sea over at Sandycove looked like something from an old black and white film about murder and smuggling.

Cycled up the road to the cliffs at the 40ft then freewheeled down the hill by the Martello tower.
The rocky coast line here is stunning, the smell of the sea was so strong - the smell of the fish guts along Bulloch Harbour however was potent, it was a relief to get past.

Along Coliemore Road I passed where I used to set up my scope to look out at Dalkey island at the Roseate Terns, up around Vico Road and then completely stunning views across the bay from Killiney.
Killiney hill itself rose out of a cloud of mist and it felt like I was in China.

I cycled up Kiliney hill for the first time, it wasn't too bad going up, but coming down it in torrential rain was pretty awful.
Mindful that I was one skid away from a nasty fall, I burnt quite a bit of rubber braking as I descended.
Happy to get out of the hills, I got a bit of flat towards Shankhill and was able to peg it for a while.

Cycling into Shankhill there were long lines of traffic, all queing up with their wipers wiping and red lights glowing.
My cycle path was clear but I was being that sensible girl who cycles slowly next to traffic.
10 metres ahead of me someone didn't check behind before they got out of their car. and opened their car door  right in front of me.
At 17kph I had enough time to just make it through the tiny gap between the kerb and the door edge.
I was lucky, they were thoughtless and sorry, I was happy I wasn't wearing clipped in shoes, I certainly would have taken a tumble.
Safely into Bray I saw some people swimming out in the sea, I thought they were crazy, but then I was also the one out cycling in the pouring rain and as soaked as they were.

By Bray I was tired, I had yet to get myself back from Bray to Drimnagh so I started to think about what I could have for dinner.
That distraction worked and I was soon back in Dalkey, going up Merrion Ave, the canal and home.
54km on a rainy September night after work and it was a delight.