Sunday, 22 September 2013

Waking up early

7.47am Saturday morning and I was wide awake.

If I got up now, instead of going off on my own, I could maybe make it to Joe Dalys to join one of Orwell's many groups.
So that's what I did.

Again it was a group of cyclists I didn't know, except for one of the other beginners who turned up - great to see her.
Two options - slower and shorter or faster and further.
I went slower and shorter, I had a night out planned which I didn't want to be tired for, so a nice 50k would be perfect.

93km later, I was home.
My own fault for choosing to call in on a friend near Roundwood instead of heading back with the others over Djouce, but even that route I think would have been as long.
The route with the group was good.
The coffee stop in Roundwood was good.
Except they didn't have any teacakes and I didn't get to finish my earl grey.

I did make it up the dreaded Calary hill/ Long Hill without stopping - my first time, a great feeling.
My third time up the hill, I knew how it rose and this helped hugely, I knew to keep taking it easy for longer and it worked.
Go me.