Monday, 28 October 2013

Boards cycle for Padraig (LPB)

If you're a cyclist in Ireland, especially in Dublin, I think it's fair to say you've at some point clicked your way into the internet black hole that is the Cycling forum on

Some would say that internet forums are full of weirdos posting shite on everything they know nothing about - true, but in between online arguments about
  • wearing helmets
  • hi viz clothing
  • correct sock height/length,
  • whether it should be called sock height or sock length
  • putting butter in your coffee 
  • they aren't mavic ksyrium elite wheels 2013, yes they are, no they're not
  • lots, lots more - you've no idea - really.
I've found out loads about cycling and bikes from the forum, absolutely loads. The information offered by some of the posters has been invaluable and this shared knowledge makes the Cycling forum one of the busiest and most popular places on Boards.

A few weeks ago, the good people on the cycling forum raised the bar even higher and started to arrange a charity cycle, details here:

This in turn helped raise lots of money for Padraig's charity page for the Irish Cancer Society and Irish Hospice Foundation

and resulted in the cycle for Padraig and his charities happening today.

The Boards Cycle against Cancer - Sunday 28th October 2013, leave Phoenix park, Dublin 9.15am
Going up towards Kilmainham to meet the others in Dundrum
At Dundrum there were at least another 60 or so cyclists
We went over and said Hi to Padraig (LPB) and thanked him for bringing us all together, he said he was delighted to see so many turn out and that his charity page had raised over €5,000 which was way more than he ever expected.
An apocalypse of bikes as we had our photo taken with Padraig
Emma in new Orwell gear, that rain cloud didn't catch us til later.
Emma and Caroline doing Rapha poses.
Dropped. 'There'll be No climbs on the route folks', 'it's a fairly flat route people' - I'd hate to see their hills! Kept the pace with a fastish group as far as Powerscourt, dropped to the smaller ring, lost memento and lost the group. Saw this rainbow and view which fully deserved a photo.
Cycling on I thought I was left on my own til I heard Emma call me from behind. Saw her and CAroline just making their way up the hill. I thought they'd bailed at Enniskerry, but they were just being lazy holes taking it easy and enjoying the spin. So we did more Rapha photo shoot stuff, like the mature adults we are.
Looking wistfully away from camera.
Why mimic Rapha? This is the business.
This is cycling in Ireland. I love this photo.
 I am taking these pics whilst cycling = blurry pic of Boards jerseys cycling up one of the hilly flat routes.
I pulled into the layby to get some cyclists with the Sugar Loaf behind them.
The Coffee shop at Glencree, triple the number of people her and you've some idea of how many people turned up for the cycle.

Above was the last photo of the Boards spin for Padraig.
It's easy enough to take photos whilst cycling at a slow pace in the sunshine, but I wasn't about to try taking photos in the hailstones and rain that followed our coffee stop.
We were PELTED out of it by hail stones over the Featherbeds.
Right in my face, in my eyes, down my neck, they really seriously hurt.
It was a humdinger of an onslaught, I wanted to put my hand up to shield my face, but I had to hold on for dear life because the crosswinds were determined on taking my wheels out from under me - I've never had to concentrate so much.

It felt pretty dangerous and I was glad I wasn't cycling next to anyone - you couldn't, you'd be blown into them.
The descent down Stocking lane also proved great fun.
I 'feathered' my brakes lightly (burnt the rubber til only the metal was left) as we hurtled down. It was a relief to reach the level roads at the bottom.
Caroline and Tom split off for Blanch and me and Emma split off in Terenure.

I had a great day cycling again, the cycle and weather was a challenge, but a pathetic and temporary blip in comparison to what Padraig and people with Cancer go through on a daily basis.

As I was leaving the coffee shop, Padraig commented on the Yorkshire rose on my neck warmer. I was impressed he recognised it and asked how he knew it was the Yorkshire rose.
'I'm a Leeds Utd fan' he said with a smile in his eye.
Oh Padraig - are you not suffering enough?

Cycling - it's amazing where it can take you.