Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Knaresbourough with Otley CC

New Yorkshire bike waiting at Pool bridge to join the other bikes for a spin out to Knaresborough
The Cavalry arriving from Otley
Nice hill on Folllifoot lane, think this was a group of beginner women, they all gave a cheery 'Morning' as they cycled by. We were stopped because as we were all cycling down that hill someone's tyre exploded. On inspection, Ken reckoned the  brake pads had been set too low and had been rubbing against the tyre for so long, it wore away and the tube exploded.
Puncture fixing skills put to the test. There were only 7 of us on the Sunday spin, I really like that small a number for a cycle.
I also really like that Otley top and the fact that he carried a spare tyre around in a Morrisons plastic bag on the back of his bike. That guy drinking water had just got back from Hong Kong at 5am.
Coffee stop Pots of tea and bacon buttie stop - Knaresborough, North Yorkshire
Look at that.
River Nidd, Knaresborough, Nov 24th 2013

It was a nice cycle again with the Otley crew.
I hadn't been through Kirkby Overblow before but will make sure to go through it again, it was a really pretty little village.
After we'd had our fill, I had to get back home, so said goodbye to the others and headed back.