Saturday, 28 December 2013


Hardly cycling weather is it?
150kph gales yesterday.
Isn't it great??!
'Oh it's windy again, shame I was going to head out for a 100k spin, now, well, I'll have to stay home and eat 100+ tubes of Pringles.'

I did manage a 90 minute spin Christmas Day though.
Lovely route out to Kirby Overblow-Sicklinghall-Linton-Collingham-Harewood  and home for Christmas lunch.
For the record, I did all the washing up.

Gears were jumping a bit, and brakes needed tightening.
Tried tuning them last night, but I get confused whether the cable needs tightening or loosening in relation to how it jumps on the cassette.
I'll learn at some point, but they were a little better today over a short, windy/ rainy 8k, so I got something right.

Hope to meet Ken and the B group from Otley crew in the morning for club spin to Hebden/ Cracoe.
Bit concerned about keeping up, legs worryingly had nothing in them today going up a few little hills.

Will try cycling over to Otley at 'winter training zone 2' speed.
Whatever that really is for me, I still haven't the zones set up.
Highest bpm so far was today - I hit 172 whilst being blinded by the sun, avoiding a massive pile of horse shit, 2 dogs and their walkers along Gallowgate lane.

I don't like chasing max heart rates, I much prefer chasing my resting heart rate, which was 47 beats over 1 timed minute the other morning.
I'd like to think that means I'm really fit, but I know it just means I have a genetically low hr, because the way I felt today after a 20 minute cycle was the absolute opposite of fit.

Castley Lane, North Yorkshire
Christmas Day cycle - gorgeous weather