Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cold January Dublin evening cycles

Since I got back to Dublin the weather has been dismal, cold, wet, windy.
My brother bought me the Lezeyne Superdrive XL light for Christmas/ birthday. Now I can cycle along the Strawberry Beds in the pitch black, and it's not pitch black anymore - just cold and quiet.
But I love cycling down there.
One of the evenings this heavy mist just appeared enveloped me.
At first I thought it was smoke from someone's chimney, but as I cycled into it I realised it was mist and it was FREEZING, and then I just cycled out of it.
Strange experience - So atmospheric, especially when I'm cycling on my own and it's so quiet except for the sound of my wheels.
The Lezyne is good, but the battery life isn't.
I will need to order a couple of rechargeable spare batteries if I want to be out for longer than 90 mins.