Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Solo cycles

For the last three Sundays I've been heading out on my own for 80km spins around Meath, Kildare, North Dublin.
Yes, flat spins, but this last wknd was my first time doing 80k non stop.
82.5km to be exact.

Just over 3½ hours of cycling with nothing but a strong headwind for company the whole time. FUN.
According to Strava, I didn't cycle for a whole 7 minutes!
That was when I stopped at a garage for the toilet and another time I stopped to eat my figs.
But no delayed stop for coffee/ scone etc which I'm used to doing.
I never seem to manage to get up in time to cycle over to Joe Daley's to join Orwell on their Sat/ Sun spins.
I better get into the habit quick enough though if I'm going to join the training programme for 200km spins.
I bought new cycling shoes, cleats and pedals though - so that's progress.
I haven't been out on them yet, scared shitless of hurting myself falling.
I don't see how I'm going to clip in and out at quickly enough at traffic lights, junctions, going up hills, going between traffic...
I just think they're going to be lethal, but everyone else says they're great and it was recommended for the 200km training, so...
Once the weather picks up I will practice in them.
It was snowing on my way home this evening and tomorrow has a forecast of 100kmph winds!