Sunday, 22 June 2014

Too hot to be climbing in Wicklow

Strange day on the bike.
I'm a biggish girl and when it comes to hills I'm no mountain goat.
'Hilly' as a description of a spin gives me the Fear.

So to climb up some of the worst hills in Wicklow on the hottest day of the year today was hell.
Today was not pleasant.

It was a big lesson in actually looking at the elevation graph when planning routes - that would have told me everything I only found out too late.
Cruagh Rd was so much harder than I imagined, I have no shame in admitting I had to stop 3 times to reach the top.
One day I'm sure I'll make it to the top without stopping, but that day is quite a long way off.

The day just seemed full of non stop hills and drags.

Once I reached the climb up to Lough Tay I was seriosuly done in and freaking out a little. It was really hot and I was having to stop a lot to rest and cool down. I had a banana and maybe 500ml of water left, would that be enough? I was only half way and struggling.
But on I went, like a warrior, me, the bike, the heat and the hills.
Once I was over Sally Gap I knew it was mostly flat and downhill to Tallaght and Greenhills Rd and then I'd be close to home, the relief was huge.
It was a very, very tough day in the saddle, one that's scared me off hills even more.
Never has cold chocolate milk been downed so gratefully.

Sun splitting the stones, canal near Dolphin's Barn

Don't know the name of this road, but I didn't like it.

I don't know the name of this hill - but I didn't like it. I rested midway and gave encouragement to a guy struggling up behind me.

Enniskerry coffee.

Another flippin hill, don't know what this was called either but it was a shocker.

Approaching Lough Tay, Co Wicklow.

Co. Wicklow

Where will your bike take you? Lough Tay, Co Wicklow.

Gardai at Sally Gap. Scratch ye later.

Finally I'm on the right side of a hill. Start of the 40k home.

*There was a strava map here - but for some reason all strava maps on this blog have disappeared. Can't find out why online - so ???