Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cycling like Bats outta hell

You know when you're cycling along a long straight road and sometimes a bird will fly a metre in front of you for a few minutes?
Last night coming home along the River Wharfe in darkness I had a bat fly along with me for a while.
It really made coming off the main road worthwhile.
Mind you, so did the sound of the river, the movement of the cows in the fields and the reflection of the moon on the water.
The cycle home was a good chance to slow down the old heartrate too, after a gear clattering and too fast for me cycle from Otley to Bolton bridge back thru Ilkley with the faster Wednesday evening cycle group. 
Cycling like bats outta hell they were.
53km by the time I got home, and I felt every kilometre.
Not a hugely enjoyable cycle, but a good workout towards my rehab.

Gives you some idea of how dark the country road back along the river was.