Thursday, 27 August 2015

Otley CC offer door to door service

'Hi Ken, hope you're keeping well. I see you're going to Wetherby Sunday, you don't happen to be passing my house en route?'
'Hi Siobhan, long time no hear. Yes we will be, meet you at the corner?'
'Great, yes, save me cycling to Otley and back, see you 9.30am'
'Jolly good'

Good job there was a lay-by just here.
Ken would have been squished Ken.
The route was a meandering 70km round trip. Weeton, Sicklinghall, Wetherby, toasted tea cakes, onto Green Hammerton where we stopped at a farm shop with goats who were partial to saddle leather.
Great to be back cycling, even better to be back surrounded by Yorkshire accents.
Is that.
We cycled back through Weeton and the lads dropped me off at my house before heading off on their way home to Otley.