Sunday, 8 November 2015

1st spin back out with Orwell

Was a little apprehensive cycling over to Joe Daly's today for my first proper Orwell spin in a while.
Feels like I've been sporting my Otley CC jersey constantly whilst my Orwell stays at the bottom of my jerseys pile, unused, unloved and overlooked.
The published route was flat and down Strawberry Beds, which being one of my favourite Dublin roads made the route seem more do-able.
Turned up and hugs from Sandra and Jackie nearly had me following them in the Yellow group, but senses kicked in and I held back for Whites.
Glad I did, by the return leg of Strawberry Beds I was struggling a little, the pace was an avg 23.5 kmph by time we got home, Yellows were 25kmph so I really would have held the Yellows back and felt down doing so.
Weirdly Strava told me I got my fastest time up Lower Rd which is an absolute mystery, but maybe the fact Tommy was neck and neck with me going up the hill gave me an edge I wouldn't usually have going up solo like I usually do.
Great cycle out to Celbridge, 70km all in, very good.
Orwell jersey loved the outing.

8.45am Sunday morning, Drimnagh