Sunday, 6 December 2015

Storm Teresa Mannion

Easy 40km today.
Usual route: Home-Kilmainham-Phoenix Park-Strawberry Beds-Confey-Leixlip-flooded farm roads-Sandpits-Phoenix Park-home.
Was refreshing to be out after the relentless rain and wheelie bins blowing across streets kind of weather we've been having lately.
Lots of midges along Strawberry Beds which was surreal for December.
Shouldn't they be dead?
They were very much alive and partying en masse in swarms every 10m or so.
The rise of the River Liffey after Storm Desmond obviously disturbed the midges immensely.
Was glad I was wearing shades and a Buff to cover my mouth.
Temp dropped to 4.6c, it was cold but manageable, not bitter to the bones cold.
Was good to be out.
Discs / muscles tensed up little when I got home. 
But compared to last year when I couldn't walk, any cycle now is fully appreciated- so it really was good to be out cycling.
Took few shots to make sure I took the ride relatively easy by stopping a few times.
Pics look a lot bleaker than it was.