Thursday, 25 February 2016


Trek out to Bingley, West Yorkshire today.
Had to wait til noonish to be sure the ice was mostly melted from the roads, though up along Bingley Road there were still icy puddles and frosted grass verges, even at 2pm.
Was a solo trek which suited me well today. 
Meant I was able to stop when I wanted, and that seemed to be often. 
Whether to look across at the views or stop at the top of a hill for a breather, sometimes it's just more of a relaxed cycle when alone.
My phobia of hills wasn't improved today.
At the top of one hill where the Reva Cross was, I honestly thought I was going to get sick.
Did the 'I'm going to get sick pose' and everything. Then it passed and I was fine.
I don't know what it is. 
I went slowly up what wasn't even that bad a hill, avg 8kmph and still I felt sick at the top.
Dizzy and nauseous- it's just odd, but also a very real physical reality which isn't that nice.
Not the politest of ways to show respect to a 15th century landmark.
Saw Kestrels, flocks of Lapwings sounding great, heard and saw some Red grouse and heard Curlew en route.

I had intended to head further than Bingley, had wanted to hit the cycle route along the canal path and cycle onto Haworth, but it was too late by the time I got I Bingley, so I popped into a cafe in Eldwick called Tasty treats? 
It was a good stop, home baked granary bread and decent sandwiches.

I would go the route I went today again, Haworth was only another 13km away, so 38km from home in total, which is nothing. 
Just seemed too far today.

Dedicated today's ride to AM and AE, both missed.