Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Rising 2016

The last few weeks have been been a quite a big deal in Ireland. Last Thursday was Paddy's day and this weekend marks the Easter Rising of 1916. 100 years since Ireland started a week of armed revolution which ultimately led to Ireland claiming back it's independence in 1921.
I'm at home in Yorkshire, but Dad has been watching the rte player all weekend so I feel like I'm in Dublin watching the parades.
Cycled to Otley this morning, passed the Manor pub in Otley with it's 2 massive tricolour flags blowing boldly an proudly in the Yorkshire wind.
Great to see.

Beautiful cycle this morning led by Ruth.
We were forecast storms, but lucked out as only a heavy shower caught us at the end.

By the time I'd gotten home I had clocked 62km and felt ok seeing as there were no killer hills.
Was a lovely route: Otley-Arthington- Bramhope- Guisley- Cow and calf (beautiful- especially as we came down the hill rather than going up) then coffee in some Italian coffee shop in Ilkley (great place). Then back to Otley and home.
Great day- I loved it.