Saturday, 2 April 2016

Orwell Mount Seskin, Blessington, Butter mountain

Note the terms Mountians, not hills.
That's right.
I'm going to keep it to myself but I've been up worse hills. That's not to say today wasn't tough, but it wasn't as horrific as my anxieties persuaded me it was going to be.
Felt very different being out with Orwell and not Otley today. Missed the Otley heads, only natural as most my spins lately have been with them.
The scenery was notably Irish today and struck me far more than if I'd been regularly cycling in Wicklow instead of Yorkshire. 
How to describe the difference in landscapes, scenery, feeling?
The most obvious is the yellow gorse growing absolutely everywhere here in Ireland. The misty mountains in the distance, the road markings.
The blackbirds and bird song are the same, the road surfaces are very similar.
The walls are different, the layout of the land is more mountainous here.
They're both incredibly lush and they're both stunning in their own ways.
Did hill repeats for the first time ever today. Not as bad as I thought and quite do able.
Climb for 3mins in a gear which makes you work your leg muscles, cycle back down, climb the same hill again x repeat.
We only did two today which is probably why it seems do able.
Great leading and patience from Derek and Katherine.
Katherine kept the pace White, which I was thankful for.
I think keeping the whole spin steady, including hills is the magic pill to avoid headaches, exhaustion, back problems later. I've always known that but today I practiced a slower pace and I feel good.
Didn't have anyone in particular struggling today, so I think the group will work well over the next few weeks.
Predicted rain fell for our last hour and sent us all home cold.
But hey, I cycled 76km including Mount Seskin and Butter mountain, nothing's going to dampen my satisfaction.