Saturday, 28 May 2016

Human again

As is the status quo of late, ill health has kept me off the bike for most of the last few months, muscle tremors and fatigue- not even my back this time.
Waiting for an apt with neurologist now to rule out anything serious. Not a nice thing to have lurking in the sub conscience, but something both my Physio and Dr (and me) think needs to be ruled out. 
If I get the all clear, all the issues I've had with my back will seem small fry in comparison and I'll just be eternally grateful it's not the permanent diagnosis I hope it isn't.
Ironically my back has been great lately, so I really am biting down on the back of my hand in frustration that something else has raised its head.
Would have been a treat to experience a whole year of good cycling, but there you go.

Over the last few months I've managed a few commutes to work. That's 8.6km each way, but I've been shattered each time, with legs which think they've just cycled 100km.

Today I managed 33km.
Had a rest after, secretly hoping these constant muscle tremors would magically disappear, but I'm still trembling like a cold dog.
Had the tremors after the last 80km cycle I did.
Who knows what the cause is, could be a billion things. Blood tests all came back healthy.
You'd swear I was doing this for attention.
I just signed out of the Orwell whasapp group, my hopes of being healthy enough to re-join them have gone.
For now.
I'm disappointed I'm still trembling after the 33km today. Means that the 2 weeks total rest didn't work and neither did just biting the bullet and going for a cycle.
So what can I do?
Bite on the back of my hand!
Some pics from today.
Yearned for the smells, sights and sounds of Strawberry beds and with a hazy, warm day I was treated to all at full volume.
It was like arriving home cycling along, I felt human again.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Cycling with picnic on my back

Cycled to Phoenix park to meet others for picnic. Was mentally just what the Dr ordered. 
Actually went to the Dr on Fri, she took 6 lots of blood for testing, if these all come back clear it's be neurologist time.
Shakes were quite bad this morning when trying to fit new saddle to bike.
Hopefully just a virus, but no other symptoms associated with viral infection, just constant muscle tremors across back and in legs. Feeling heavy and no energy. Last night felt acutely pmt but I'm not. 
All odd.
Valium made no difference to the tremors.
Was so great to manage short cycle in the warm sun to the park and to just relax chatting for a few hours.
Shaking now like a nervous dog left tied up on a lead outside a newsagents.
Maybe it's the constant shaking zapping my energy. It's been 5 weeks of this which is why I went to Drs Friday. Should maybe have gone after 2 weeks, but just assumed it would go.
Will try cycle to work tomorrow, the weather's supposed to remain clear and dry, so let's get this summer party started!