Sunday, 8 May 2016

Cycling with picnic on my back

Cycled to Phoenix park to meet others for picnic. Was mentally just what the Dr ordered. 
Actually went to the Dr on Fri, she took 6 lots of blood for testing, if these all come back clear it's be neurologist time.
Shakes were quite bad this morning when trying to fit new saddle to bike.
Hopefully just a virus, but no other symptoms associated with viral infection, just constant muscle tremors across back and in legs. Feeling heavy and no energy. Last night felt acutely pmt but I'm not. 
All odd.
Valium made no difference to the tremors.
Was so great to manage short cycle in the warm sun to the park and to just relax chatting for a few hours.
Shaking now like a nervous dog left tied up on a lead outside a newsagents.
Maybe it's the constant shaking zapping my energy. It's been 5 weeks of this which is why I went to Drs Friday. Should maybe have gone after 2 weeks, but just assumed it would go.
Will try cycle to work tomorrow, the weather's supposed to remain clear and dry, so let's get this summer party started!