Friday, 24 June 2016

Kirkstall Abbey

Happy times.
Been managing 50km cycles no problemo!
Well one 50km cycle a few days ago, but that's good enough for me.
Yorkshire and sunshine and cycling and all is well in the world.
This 50km cycle was up West Chevin then out to Kirkstall Abbey, a building I always see from the plane flying into Leeds.
Planned on going along some other landmarks I see from the plane, but somehow an old route to Bingley was pulled over onto my Garmin, so when I set off on my route to Kirkstall (East) and the garmin kept directing me towards Bingley (west) I was ever so slightly frustrated.
Eventually I gave up on the garmin, took out my iphone and set off directly along the a65 thru Guisley, which was interesting in itself. 
Also passed and explored a new setup called Kirkstall Forge, a whole village/ offices being built.
Kirkstall abbey was very impressive and beautiful up close.
Sat outside in the sun and had sandwich from the Gatehouse opp the Abbey.
Cycling back from Leeds through Headingly I wondered into Lawnswood cemetery, a beautiful old (and new) cemetery.
Was a lovely, lovely day cycling.